Earthing-Grounding Technology

I’d like to share with you some very interesting videos from David Wolfe on earthing, how your body needs to be in contact with our mother earth, and how being insulated from the earth leads to physical symptoms.  Fascinating!

Grounding & Earthing Products

Recent studies are showing that humans and animals are suffering from a deficiency in grounding. For millions of years, living creatures lived their whole lives in constant contact with Mother Earth. In recent history, we have gradually lost our contact with the earth in a myriad of ways; from rubber soled shoes, to our homes, to our cars. It is possible at present to live out our entire lives without ever coming in contact with the earth.

Have you ever wondered about why there are so many chronic diseases in modern times? Is there a possibility that living creatures could benefit from going barefoot? What if your diseased condition was nothing more than a disconnect from Mother Earth?

An inexpensive way to examine this theory is to spend more time in contact with the earth. Go barefoot for an hour a day, and notice how you feel. Is there a difference? If you cannot safely go barefoot where you live. There are some modern ways to remedy the situation.  Personally, I used fabric and a grounding cord that I purchased from the following source to make a half sheet for my bed. Each night, I can spend up to 8 hours in contact with the earth. There are also sources for pre-made sheets, mats and mouse pads which cost a little bit more, but are still a very modest investment in what could prove to be an amazing source of wellness for you.

Pre-Made Products

This page offers pre-made earthing sheets, mats, mouse pads and other items made specifically for grounding. Click the button below, and choose EMF Shielding Devices. Then click on Grounding Cords, Clips & Connectors.

Do It Yourself

This page offers fabric and connectors for the DIYer. Click HERE, and choose EMF Shielding Devices. Then click on Fabrics.

Personally, I really like two of the many fabrics offered on the page. The first is a bamboo fabric with a 30% silver content. It’s called SOFT&SAFE


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